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Spain is a country with a rich spiritual heritage, but the culture today carries the distinct scars of both ancient and modern abuses of authority made under the pretense of religion. As a result, there is disillusionment and suspicion concerning the Church and an overall feeling of apathy towards God, especially among those in their 20's - 40's.

In the midst of this, the Ethne Spain team desires to be an incarnational and missional presence among both existing and emerging leaders.

How do they do this?

  • Through intentional language learning and cultural understanding, they honor local leaders and discern with them where God is at work.

  • By means of coaching, spiritual companionship, spiritual and character formation, and healing prayer, they journey with leaders in the Málaga area, providing processes of self-discovery to uncover God’s missional calling for their lives. They also recognize the importance of discovering a collaborative calling with one's community alongside an individual calling, and they work to cultivate this as well.

  • By attending and responding to God's leading, they seek to be an agent of transformation and redemption in their neighborhood by blessing the city in practical ways and serving those into whose lives God has introduced them.

  • As a community and team they continue to develop their own character, spiritual journey, and calling in order to find the strength to embrace what God has called them to do. Their team/community is designed to be a safe place to continue to grow personally.

The Ethne Spain team's prayer is that they will continue to discern God’s leading and walk in step with him to join his work in Spain. They want to faithfully navigate the culture of the existing Church and the emerging forms of Church to see redemption, reconciliation, and renewal among the people of Spain.

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